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More than Keyword Ranking Reports  More than Keyword Ranking Reports

Due to the complexity of search engine optimization, reporting on keywords is simply not enough. This is why the Chanakyas tracks and reports on key search engine ranking criterion such as pages indexed and link popularity measured by the top search engines. This tracking is critical to maintaining an accurate picture of the way search engines are seeing your site and provide important measurable with which to gauge your site against your competitors.

Interactive Tranding Charts and Keyword Ranking Reports  Interactive Tranding Charts and Keyword Ranking Reports
Of course keyword ranking reports and tracking is primary function of Chanakyas. The Chanakyas has five separate customizable keyword ranking reports. Users can create reports which track specific variables over defined time periods, receive trending reports and view custom charts and graphs for their rankings. Users have the control to customize the look and feel of their trending charts and keyword ranking reports including the option to rotate, zoom in, view in 3D, save and print.
Pages Indexed for Top 3 Engine Ranked Listings for Top 3 Engines Engine Tracker Preview
  • Snapshot Report gives you a visual representation of your site’s overall visibility in the search engines, shows trending in overall site visibility, and summarizes your entire campaign showing total number of #1 rankings, Top 10 rankings, Top 20 rankings and Top 30 Rankings.
  • Depth Analysis Report shows Search Engine Saturation, Link Popularity and inbound links that each of the top search engines have found to your site’s home page.
  • Engine Exposure Report shows how many of your keywords rank on any specific search engine, each keyword’s position on any specific search engine, previous positioning of keywords for any date and the number of positions changed up or down.
  • Keyword Exposure Report shows where each of your optimized keywords is ranking on the top 20 search engines and customize the way you view the data.
  • URL/Keyword Report shows rankings on keywords for each specific page on your site.
Easy to Customize, View and Understand  Easy to Customize, View and Understand
  • Customize: Chanakyas allows users to compare any start and end date on overall reporting, reports and charts throughout their SEO campaign unlike other reporting tools that only track data from the previous date rankings were ran. Users can create, save and manage groups of keywords to view their rankings based on their chosen criteria.
  • View: Chanakyas now features easy-to read dashboard gauges that give users a quick overview of their overall percentage of search engine listings, Alexa ratings and Google ratings.
  • Understand: Chanakyas supplies the user with visual charts and graphs that make it easy to understand and determine how keywords are doing.
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