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"Do not inhabit in a country where you are not respected, cannot earn your livelihood, have no friends, or cannot acquire knowledge."
- Chanakya Niti-Shastra 1.8

Many new website owners make a fundamental mistake thinking that as soon as you have a website that new customers will be rolling in. This simply is not true. A website is no different from a new store or office in the real world, only that it resides in a cyberspace. Without an effective internet marketing service to reach out to the new cyberspace customers, no one will know that your business exists!

While many other companies claim to be Internet Marketing experts, in most of the cases, they just land up highlighting your website to a completely different set of audience where you never wanted a brand positioning, thus it cannot earn you expected profits, get no networking, and ultimately report a failure.

Successful Internet presence involves much more than designing a great web site or having the "perfect" product.

Chanakyas Consulting is a professional internet and search marketing firm, specializing in achieving high rankings for our clients on the intenret's major search engines. Since 2005, Chanakyas' certified ‘Internet Marketing Experts’, with a combined expertise of over 12+ years, have led the industry in developing highly effective, proprietary internet and search marketing methodologies that have placed more than 100 leading corporations in the top rankings of the world's major search and online properties and have helped increase their website traffic by an average of over 200%.

Starting your own dotcom venture?
Project planning and finding the right niche and target market are as important as your product or core service offering
Need to boost up your traffic?
We provide internet marketing consulting at a very affordable $10/hour rate, engage with you online and you can ask any question regarding any of your e-marketing queries and we have an answer scripted specifically for your niche
SEO, SEM and Affiliate Marketing
Our 12-Phase unique Internet Marketing Research (IMR) Program is designed specifically to meet your requirements
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